CACI delivers the perfect bikini bottom

20 Jun 2014

If you are delighted by the promise of lazy days on the beach this summer but not so at the thought of your derriere in a bikini then a pre-holiday, bikini bottom blitz with a CACI body treatment could be for you.

Elajé is offering a course of 30 minute treatments using the CACI ECM (Electro-Cellulite Massager) to provide instant lift and contouring on the buttocks and thighs, using tiny electrical impulses that work to tighten muscles and stimulate collagen.

The appearance of stubborn cellulite is improved by breaking down fatty deposits and dispersing them through heightened circulation and lymphatic drainage. The course includes a special firming cream, Cellufirm which you apply morning and night at home. The result is a smoother, tighter and dimple-free complexion.

CACI facials and ECM body treatments work best with an initial course of 10-12 treatments received two or three times per week. After the intensive course, maintenance sessions need only be done once a month.

At Elajé, a single ECM session costs £45 and a course of six £270 or 12 for £450 which includes one free session.

Book online or call 01223 244888 to book your consultation.