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We’re incredibly passionate about our talented team who are always one step ahead in the style stakes. Not only do we pride ourselves on knowing what’s bang on trend, but we like to think that every single client receives a personalised service that delivers a haircut and colour to suit their lifestyle and personality. We understand that not everyone has a spare hour to perfect their hair every morning, while for others high maintenance may be their thing. Whatever your demands may be, we have the expertise and technical know-how to meet them.

We also offer many unique to Elaje services, in particular our Long Hair Maintenance programme.

We proudly use L’Oreal products in our salon, but also retail a wide range of specially selected shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products – which we believe give our clients optimum results when they leave the salon. Our brands include L’Oreal, Nioxin, Alterna, Redken, Sebastian, Dermalogica, St Tropez & GHD.

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All prices are from the price shown, any adjustments will be advised at consultation.
All hair cuts include a quick soft dry and is reflected in the price.

Shampoo & Style Dry
All Stylists£52
Cut & Blowdry
Young Stylistfrom £35
Lead Stylist£67
Executive Lead Stylist£77
Director Stylist£84
Senior Executive£94
Long Hair Maintenance

1st session includes your maintenance tools and additional time for consultation and treatment.
2nd session is a Refresher appointment requiring less time.

1st session£109
2nd session£84
Young Stylist£24
Senior Stylist£36
Lead Stylist£42
Director Stylist£55
Senior Executive£63
Colouringfrom £45
Refresh & Revive Scalp Exfoliation£10
Natural Braid
All Stylists£22
Hero Braid
All Stylists£37
Soft Simple Hair Up
All Stylists£56
Prep & Dress Hair Up
All Stylists£62

For Olaplex 3 stages please allow 45 mins

Olaplex 3 stages incl finish£80
Fusio Dose£19
Hair & Scalp Detox£28
Mens Refresh & Revive Scalp Exfoliation£10

Excluding Saturday and Sunday

0 - 5£24
6 - 10£35 - £45
11+Full Adult Price

Colour Salon

Prices may vary depending on the time required, hair length and original starting colour. The prices shown below reflect an estimated time frame and in some cases adjustments may be required which you will be advised of during your consultation.

A simple allergy test is required 48 hours prior to a colour service for all new clients.

Colour Concept

1/4 Head Foils
Young Stylist£51 Stylist£68 Director Stylist£78
1/2 Head Foils
Young Stylist£70 Stylist£92 Director Stylist£111
3/4 Head Foils
Young Stylist£80 Stylist£110 Director Stylist£125
Full Head Foils
Young Stylist£92 Stylist£123 Director Stylist£140
Full Head Long Hair Foils
Young Stylist£106 Stylist£142 Director Stylist£155
Blonde on Blonde
Young Stylist£140 Stylist£185 Director Stylist£205
Balayage Classique
Young Stylist£106 Stylist£141 Director Stylist£158
Balayage L'addition
Young Stylist£127 Stylist£170 Director Stylist£184
Balayage Revitaliser
Young Stylist£73 Stylist£97 Director Stylist£109
Young Stylist£112 Stylist£150 Director Stylist£166
Bébé Lites
Young Stylist£55 Stylist£73 Director Stylist£83
Young Stylist£24 Stylist£27 Director Stylist£27
Young Stylist£66 Stylist£89 Director Stylist£92
Full or Total Colour
Young Stylist£65 Stylist£88 Director Stylist£92
Full Colour Regrowth and Total Refresh
Young Stylist£65 Stylist£88 Director Stylist£92
Colour Correction (subject to consultation)
Guide price from£166
Hi Drama Intense Fashion Semi
Young Stylist£25 Stylist£37 Director Stylist£39
2 Stage Olaplex Colour Saver
Young Stylist£28 Stylist£32 Director Stylist£32

Specialist Services

Prior to a specialist service appointment a separate consultation will be required at a fee of £25 this is refundable against your service. Hair extension pricing excludes the cost of hair.

Volume, Smoothing & Straightening Services
Permingfrom £130 Kerastraightfrom £300 Permanent Straighteningfrom £399
Hair Extensions
Racoonfrom £202 Easilocksfrom £330
Bride trial and day hair£240 Bride trial and day make-up£230 Bridal packagesby quotation
Fade to Grey
Fade to Grey£175


A young stylist is a qualified stylist who requires a period of transition to adjust to being a fully fledged stylist. For this reason we offer a reduced price however you will receive 100% focus from your Aspirant. Their work may be supervised and they may request a second opinion from a senior colleague.

You will also enjoy all the benefits of the Elaje service and care for approximately a 30% saving against all services on our price menu.

Important information please read

  • All prices are from the price shown, any adjustments will be advised at the consultation
  • All hair cuts include a quick soft dry and this is reflected in the price
  • A simple allergy test is required 48 hours prior to any colour service for all new clients
  • A strand test of your hair may be necessary to establish its suitability prior to a volume, smoothing or straightening service
  • Prior to a specialist service appointment a separate consultation will be required at a fee of £25 this is refundable against your service when booked
  • All colour prices shown do not include a finish so please factor this into your budget.
  • We do offer an Aspirant speed dry when available for an additional £10.  When booking your service please ask if an Aspirant will be available

Please see our Colour Concept page for further information

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