Long Hair Maintenance

I frequently question why do people grow their hair and fail to protect and look after its health, potential and aesthetic quality?

It’s obvious that many people with dull hair and untidy split ends have never been educated to understand the value and process of retaining this valuable asset.  It’s essential for you to appreciate  your hair will not and cannot help itself.

Without serious expert help, knowledge and advice combined with your willingness and commitment to invest time and effort your hair will fail to reach its full potential.

Why not start your journey here and enjoy being with a specialist who can make a real difference?

Our Long Hair Maintenance takes a holistic and non-chemical approach, a unique service for Elaje clients who value their long hair image and feeling good about themselves.  Not only will we explain how, we will show you how and why this service is essential and not simply another appointment providing a limited short term benefit.


Appointment 1

Cost £104

Involves extra time to include your thorough consultation, coaching and developing your future hair plan.  We will also provide you with the tools, knowledge and skill to continue your long hair regime at home.

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Appointment 2 Maintenance Refresher

Cost £80

This appointment requires less time and cost.  When you feel the need for a top-up, possibly between 8 -12 weeks after your initial appointment. 

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