Non-surgical facelift with advanced Caci

11 Feb 2014

At Elaje we are continuously investing in our beauty treatments and as Cambridge’s Caci expert, we are delighted to introduce an advanced, new Caci machine to our system.

Beauty manager and senior therapist, Michelle Richardson explains: “Caci is a machine that is widely considered to be the most advanced of its kind. It uses tiny electrical impulses that work to tighten muscles and stimulate collagen. Put simply, it is a treatment that combines a facial and face lift all in one and our clients see amazing results.”

The latest Caci system at Elaje is the Caci Ultra. This offers micro-current technology that re-educates facial muscles to provide the non-surgical face lift. The treatment is perfect for acne, skin blemishes and plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

A hydratone treatment is activated by micro-current rollers together with a silicon gel mask that is infused with powerful moisturising properties to firm and hydrate skin. The Ultrasonic element of this machine uses a gentle peeling action that exfoliates the skin, neutralises bacteria and improves blood and lymph circulation.

“There are different ways to use the Caci system and we can offer a free consultation to advise what is the best treatment for your individual needs,” says Michelle.

Why not call today, to find out how Caci can work for you. Tel: 01223 244888